Property Buying Conveyancing Costs

When purchasing a new property, once the contracts are signed, you will then require a Solicitor to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

So that you know how much it will cost you for a Professional to do your conveyancing, we have included a table below with our Fixed Buying Property Conveyancing Costs.

We can also be contacted by phone on 07 3354 1122.

You can fax a copy of your contract to 07 3354 1155.

The reason the Conveyancing Costs will vary, is because each Shire Council has different charges for their Rates Search.

For list of Searches included in Costs below – click here for list of Property Searches included

 Our Fixed Fee Conveyancing Costs for Purchase of

House, Units, Townhouses and Vacant Land:

at at 1st July, 2015

Brisbane Home 1,133.44
Units, Townhouses and Flats 1,120.74
Vacant Land 1,057.59
Gold Coast Home   928.39
Units, Townhouses and Flats   991.54
Vacant Land   928.39
Ipswich Home 1,186.39
Units, Townhouses and Flats 1,249.54
Vacant Land 1,186.39
Logan Home 1,120.39
Units, Townhouses and Flats 1,183.54
Vacant Land 1,056.39
Moreton Bay Home 1,247.39
 Regional Units, Townhouses and Flats 1,310.54
Vacant Land 1,247.39
Redlands Home 1,112.54
Units, Townhouses and Flats 1,175.69
Vacant Land 1,112.54
Scenic Rim Home 1,174.39
 Regional Units, Towhouses and Flats 1,237.54
Vacant Land 1,174.39
Sunshine Coast Home 1,005.39
 Regional Units, Townhouses and Flats 1,068.54
Vacant Land 1,005.39

Please note:   Should your financier require a Settlement Notice to be lodged,  an additional fee of $50.00 will be payable.

  1. Total Costs include GST and are correct at the time of publishing.
  2. Searches are passed on at cost and may change without notice.
  3. Total conveyancing costs above – include searches as per listed here .
  4. If you require other searches, please let us know and we will advise of extra costs involved.